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Dragonfly Counselling

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Dragonfly Counselling
18th April 2022

Project Details

Dragonfly Counselling is a dedicated provider of counselling services, catering not only to students in educational settings but also extending support to individuals and couples. When they sought assistance from Stately Web, their existing website faced issues of reliability and responsiveness, coupled with a need for additional information.

Understanding the importance of a robust online presence, Stately Web took on the task of revamping the original Dragonfly Counselling website. In a collaborative effort, we went beyond mere improvements and presented Dragonfly Counselling with a choice—a completely new website that addressed their concerns comprehensively.

The revamped website was designed with a focus on enhancing functionality and adopting a modern, easy-to-navigate layout. Dragonfly Counselling had the freedom to choose between the revitalized original website and the brand-new design. Opting for the latter, they were drawn to the significant improvements in functionality and the contemporary design, which ensures a seamless and user-friendly experience for visitors.

The new website not only addresses reliability and responsiveness issues but also provides an enriched platform for Dragonfly Counselling to disseminate essential information. Whether serving students in educational environments or individuals and couples seeking counselling services, the website now stands as a reliable resource, reflecting the professionalism and commitment of Dragonfly Counselling.

This partnership underscores Stately Web's dedication to providing customized solutions that not only meet but surpass our clients' expectations. By presenting a choice and delivering a website aligned with the contemporary digital landscape, we have enabled Dragonfly Counselling to showcase their services in a more accessible and compelling manner.