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Answer Socrates

Answer Socrates

A few weeks ago now, I took to the blog, all profound and full of advice like an agony aunt. I was armed with all the tips and tricks on how to avoid writers block and always write and publish the most riveting content on your site. Well… I have a bit of a confession, the first blog post is still very helpful, I’m very proud of it, I’d still love to hear if you used any of the tips when planning your own blog posts. However, there is a slight cheat that you could maybe use sometimes which would quickly solve the issue of not knowing what to write. Even better though, this website and excellent blog writing tool could see you propelled through the google rankings for writing about certain topics, or specifically answering questions, that no one else has answered yet!

I’m writing about it as if it’s a’s not. It’s very public, so easy to access in fact that it seems criminal. So quickly, open your web browser and whack in your search bar, or just use the link we’ve provided and make your life even easier.

The team behind Answer Socrates have really thought of everything, from the country your website is based in, to the latest internet trends and most popular unanswered questions. You simply type in your area of expertise or an area you perhaps would like to blog about and you are presented with questions… and prepositions and comparisons and queries and searches organised in alphabetical order. Basically, every question you could possibly ask about your topic, will show up.

This also works well when you have a general idea of what you’d like to write about but aren’t sure on the angle to take. A simple spin in the way you word your post, or questions about your specific topic, could be the difference in answering a question that has already been answered and churning out content that can’t be found elsewhere!

I know, it all seems a little too good to be true, doesn’t it? Okay, they aren’t exactly doing the hard bit for you, you will still have to write the post and do all the right things; get some key words and backlinks in there. It is a little nudge though; it gives you an insight into what people are searching when it comes to your sector and speciality which in turn gives you the opportunity get ahead of your competitors if you work quickly and efficiently.

Answer Socrates might not be a total revelation to some of you but for those of you who haven’t yet played around with the site and been wowed by the extent of suggestions it gives you, we would thoroughly recommend you give it a go and prepare to be amazed. You really need to try it for yourself to understand quite what a game changer it will be in relation to your business blogging!